Sunday, February 19, 2012

Onward and Forward...

I've moved! It's true, after four years, I've moved on to other endeavors, such as my new blog! I've felt for awhile that D.S. wasn't holding up to the potential I dreamed it would be and it became more of a burden to keep up my postings than not. So, I took a technological hiatus literally in every aspect of my life (no internet, television, phone, or computer). After a few months I started to feel better about things. I felt more in control of my day to day life-style without meaning-less things like twitter or facebook distracting me every 15 minutes (or less). I really gave myself time to think about my school, life, future, dreams, and goals. And get this, I was also saving more money? I guess society does have an impact on us in way I could never even begin to imagine! so, here is the deal. With my new site I have incorporated things that this one didn't have, structure, stability, organization, for...notice a re-occurring theme? YES! There will be a system, a method to the madness if you will! I'm also taking a more organic route, taking things as they naturally come, including my thoughts and aspirations! Even though everything will be changing, you can still call me Spatzi (everyone else does). But, in conclusion, I have felt for a while that I've grown into something more, and I've created something for a new part of my life. Therefore, I am introducing  Flock of Foxes. I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I will!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Scene I {Enter Stacy}

To my horror as I am on the art departments new website while I was poking around today looking for degree requirements, I found a few photos of myself in the throwing room . Of course I remember the guy talking the pictures, but since I was having a bad hair day and not wearing a bra, I figured he wouldn't actually put them to use. Apparently photographers look past those kind of things when the lighting is good. I despise photographers and their sneaky ways. Of course, Armando (friend/fellow artist) was all smiles and his hair is perfect when he wakes up in the morning so he had no worries, jerk. ;P Don't get me wrong, I love "in-the-moment" pictures, I don't particularly enjoy being the person in "the moment" like everyone else does. I like to plan ahead when it comes to my picture taken, or I'll end up looking like this:


Yours Truly

Like I said, horrific.
As much as I dislike my photo being taken, the photographer did a good job with taking pictures throughout the entire department. All photos courtesy of David Mayes, check them out!

Willard Hall (home to the art dept)
Jason Scuilla, Printmaking Professor
Painting Studio
If you would like to check out more about KSU's art department or see more photos of student and faculty work, here is the link to the main website! Enjoy!

{over the shoulder sultry glance, exit left}


What I Wore

I am definitely welcoming fall into an open embrace, it's so beautiful in Northern Kansas in the fall! Absolutely breath-taking! Since it's taco Wednesday at Tubbys ( a fun bar in Aggieville) with Gavin and the crew, I decided to pull together a fall-esque outfit.

Jeans: Underground, thrifted
Tank: Target, $8
Belt: vintage
Ring: thrifted
Earrings: target, $7
Purse: thrifted, $3

Saturday, October 8, 2011


This is how I felt today after watching Ponyo, talking about life with my little brother, and reading a book on William de Kooning.

 These songs were playing on the soundtrack of my life  today.
All the trippier. 


Thursday, October 6, 2011

{October Update}

Like my new chair?? I went dumpster diving last week and found this beauty, I'm going to reupholster it this weekend when my mum comes up to see me.

It's currently awaiting it's makeover in my dining room with a few pillows I made to spruce it up until I find some fabric I like to go with it. I'm thinking a dark brown....but I know I'll change my mind the second I step foot into the fabric store and see a plethora of fabrics I love. And none of them will match the color of my walls of course, but my mother will be joining me, so I'll have a voice of reason to keep me in line ;). Anywho! I really haven't been up to much this semester so far, mostly working with watercolor and (gasp!) even some oil paints. No worries, my gouache, is still occupying the majority of my art desk. I'm familiarizing myself outside of the comfort zone. I'll letchya know how it goes.
In the mean time.....

 I'll be backk...later this weekend for the visit update (and farmers market of course!)

Friday, September 23, 2011


I'm anticipating the weekend so I can try out these puppies! I'm not a fan of acrylic or oil paints, but I love gouache medium! I love my artwork to have a more organic and free-style feel when I paint and gouache gives me exactly that. I also bought a sketchbook with handmade paper earlier this week amd I'm dying to scribble all over it!

Have any projects your jumping into this weekend too?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Whistle Punk Ben & Lumberjack Gavin

It's a wonder why these two aren't married yet, just look at 'em!

Maybe it's that little glint of obnoxiousness in Ben's eye...and the fact that he's wielding a hatchet in his hand. He's leaving in the spring for the Navy and I'm quite nervous, but excited for him at the same time. In the mean time, Gavin and I are trying to see him as much as possible before he goes. Of course, that's easier said than done. It's hard to see him when we want, between school, work, and financials. Gavin still runs down to southern Kansas about every other weekend to work around my parents ranch, so Ben and I have a tendency of communicating via him, sending each other gossip here and there followed by gifts of endearment, which usually entail home-cooked meals from him and artsy trinkets from me. Usually, I get the latest scoop on all the kinds of obnoxious behavior the two get into when I visit with my mom. Last weekend? Fixing a bulldozer, chopping wood, breaking a bulldozer, and coon hunting, no less. Oh the excitements of the bachelors taking the prairie by storm!

If only I could witness half of the nonsense they do on a day to day maybe it's a good thing I don't....

Anywho! I need to get back to my own shenanigans with Gav-o, dumpster diving on campus! (always a classic)

enjoy your week!